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Club night Wednesdays @ Weston Pools

Jan 12th:          Quiz night. Mike agreed to be quizmaster this year

Feb 9th:           Bowling at the Venue

Mar 9th:          Training. General discussion on using the BBAC training manuals. A copy of which all members should have access to prior to the evening – copies are available, please let me know if you need a copy.  Andy gave us the likely dates of the Model Ballooning event at Llangollen, either the 12th or 19th of March. If the weather is possible then the club could hold a training session on the grass outside of the pavilion

[Club night Thursdays @ Mile End Golf Club]

Apr 14th:         Training with emphasis on competition flying (Borders Challenge next month). Possible ‘foul weather’ alternative using cars

May 12th:       Guest speaker. 2 options. Angela McKenna speaking on the Global Flyer, or David Bareford on his latest experiences in Kilimanjaro.

Jun 9th:           Training: First Aid / Fire emphasis?

Jul 14th:          BBQ. At the Webbs. Des can probably get a barrel type charcoal unit.

Aug 11th:        Oswestry Balloon Carnival due this month (tbc)

Sep 8th:           Training night

Club night Wednesdays @ Weston Pools

Oct 12th:         AGM

Nov 9th:          Guest speaker. See May above for options

Dec 14th:        Christmas dinner!

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