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Monthly Challenge - to run between 1st May 2019 - 30th Apr 2020

May Challenge.

May Challenge - as agreed with OBC is fairly simple that to see which Club can fly the most individual (paid up to respective Club) members in the month. Flights can be as P1, P2, PUT or Crew member.

No restriction on where Flights can place - UK or abroad.

Result will be determined by means of copies (either photocopies or images off your phones) of logbook entries/supporting evidence of other members flown for each flight. For WMBC claims should be submitted to me ASAP after the last day of the month. A similar process will take place with OBC. The declared number of flights will be verified by respective Club Chairmen - the winning Club will be announced.

Club Fly out/Competition

Date Sun 26 May 19

Time to be confirmed

Venue Kinlet Hall TBC nearer the time

Format for competition to be announced at the Flight Briefing

Same as last month if you intend flying at the Fly Out please let me know.

The Monthly Challenge for Jun will be announced at this gathering.

The next Club Fly out reverts to Oswestry - 30 Jun TBC.


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