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  1. NAME

    1. The name of the club shall be ‘Oswestry Balloon Club’.


    1. To promote and advance the sport of ballooning.

    2. To offer social facilities for members.

    3. To promote Oswestry and its reputation as a centre of ballooning excellence.


    1. Membership shall be open to all who support the objectives of the club and have paid any due membership subscription.

    2. All members will be subject to the regulations of the constitution and by joining the club will be deemed to accept these regulations and codes of conduct that the club has adopted.

    3. On a recommendation to that effect from the Committee it shall be competent for two-thirds of the members present at a General Meeting to confer upon anyone the distinction of Honorary Member in recognition of services to ballooning and the Oswestry area.

    4. Honorary members shall be exempt from payment of subscription. They shall be subject to the whole Rules and Bye-Laws of the Club but shall be eligible to be elected to office.


    1. The club shall be managed by a committee of up to eight, elected annually, at an Annual General Meeting (AGM).

    2. The committee shall have the following powers:

      1. To arrange the programme of activities of the club.

      2. To draw up the rules and regulations of the club.

      3. To consider applications for membership.

      4. To recommend the rates of subscription for membership to be confirmed at the AGM.

      5. To appoint the officers including Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, and Membership Secretary.

      6. To appoint any other officials or sub-committees from among the membership.

      7. To co-opt additional members to the committee, in the event of vacancies, up to the maximum eight. When a person is co-opted to the committee the membership of Oswestry Balloon Club shall be notified.

      8. To properly represent the members of the club in all matters.

      9. To publish a newsletter and update electronic social media.

      10. To revoke membership of any member who is deemed by the committee to have broken the club rules and regulations or who have acted in a manner that is contrary to the objectives of the club. Members who are having their membership challenged shall have the opportunity to explain their actions to the committee should they wish to.


    1. Each committee member, whether elected or co-opted, will have voting rights. Voting shall be by show of hands. A simple majority, with no proxy votes, shall carry resolution.

    2. Over half the committee is required to form a quorum at committee meetings.

    3. At a general meeting (GM), the minimum number present to form a quorum shall be 10% of current membership. In the event of a GM being inquorate, a second GM shall be called within twenty-eight days. The membership shall be given fourteen days’ notice of this second GM. If at this second meeting there is again no quorum present, then the members who do attend shall constitute a quorum.

    4. A general meeting shall be convened at intervals not exceeding thirteen months, called the Annual General Meeting, which shall consider reports on the activities of the club and on its financial affairs. Members shall receive twenty-eight days’ notice of the meeting by electronic means.

    5. An Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) shall be called when considered necessary by the committee, or upon the signed request to the secretary of any six members. Fourteen days’ notice shall be given to the membership by electronic means, stating the business to be conducted. The powers of an EGM shall extend to the removal of a committee member from the committee by a two-thirds majority vote of those present.

    6. The officers and committee shall be bound by the directions of the members in a resolution at a General Meeting.

    7. Resolutions must be duly proposed and seconded. “Ordinary Resolutions” must be approved by majority vote of members present. Resolutions to amend the Constitution are “Special Resolutions” and require approval by a two-thirds majority vote of those present. Members shall be given twenty eight days’ notice, by electronic means, of Special Resolutions to be considered at the GM. Any Resolution approved at a GM shall take effect at the conclusion of the meeting.

    8. Notification of any agreed changes in any of the clubs rules and regulations shall be done through the club newsletter.

    9. Any potential vested or conflicted interests must be declared and noted in the minutes.


    1. All club monies will be banked in an account held in the name of the club.

    2. The club Treasurer will be responsible for the finances of the club.

    3. A statement of annual accounts shall be presented by the Treasurer at the Annual General Meeting.

    4. Any cheques drawn against club funds should hold the signatures of the Treasurer and at least one other committee member.


    1. In the event of the winding up of the club, any surplus assets shall be devoted to objectives similar to those of the club, according to the wishes of the members at a GM.

Oswestry Balloon Club

GENERAL CLUB RULES (please also refer to the Constitution)


1. Election of Officers:

The Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer & Secretary and other elected members of the committee shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting. The committee shall have the power to co-opt other members.

2. Management:

The committee will be responsibility for the authority and transactions of the business of the club


The committee should not consist of less than four members.  Three members of the committee shall form a quorum

4.  Committee Elected:  
The Chairperson: Mel Davies

 Vice Chairperson: Mike Webb

 Secretary: Jacqui Maddox

 Treasurer: Barbara Webb / Jacqui Maddox

 Legal Representative: Callum Davies

 Safety Officer: Andy Marshal

 Land Owner Relations: Richard Bebb

5. Meeting of the Committee:
The meeting shall meet whenever summoned by the secretary -  in any case no less than twice a year

6. Duties of the Secretary
The secretary shall attend in person or by a deputy at all meetings of the club and keep a proper record of all such meetings

7. Banking:
The Treasurer shall bank all monies of the club in the name of the club and no disbursements shall be made there from except in accordance with the form of forms authorised by the committee.

8. Subscription:
The subscription will be revised at each Annual General Meeting and put to an open vote.  Club badges and other regalia items sold to members at prices laid down by the committee

9. Payment of Subscriptions:
Subscriptions become payable on 1st of October each year

10. Non-payment of Subscriptions:
Any member of the club who has not paid his/her subscription within four clear months of the date on which it was due shall be notified by the secretary or treasurer.  Any member who fails to pay his/her subscription may, unless sufficient reason be shown to the committee, be taken off the register of members forthwith

11. New Members:
No new member shall be entitled to any privileges of membership until after payment of his first subscription

12. Resignation: 
Any member ceasing, voluntarily or otherwise to be a member shall thereafter cease to have any claim upon the property of the club or to enjoy any of the privileges of membership but he or she shall remain liable for the payment of any debts due to the club from him or her.

13. Annual General Meeting:           

The Annual General Meeting of the club shall be held in the month of July each year and shall:

 i.              Receive from the committee a statement of accounts

 ii.             Receive from the committee a report of the club’s activities

 iii.            Elect the committee and officers

 iv.           Decide on any resolution submitted to the meeting which will then be presented to the next annual general meeting for ratification.

14. Promotion & Events: 
Promotion of the club and its activities will be covered by interviews or press releases only approved by the Chairman or Vice-Chairman.  Local events involving members and hot air balloons will be discussed by the members

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