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Hello and welcome to our website - a window into our world of hot air ballooning.

You can follow us on Facebook and track us on Twitter too.
Please meander through the menu to see our 'who, what, when and where', and some general ballooning info.


OBC welcomes anyone with an interest in hot air ballooning - whether you're a pilot, crew, wannabe-pilot/crew, or just wish to have a closer look at our large and colourful aircraft.

Why not come and see us at one of our monthly meets? All we ask is that you contact us first, so we can arrange to welcome you in person and advise you if there's been a change of plan. Ballooning is weather-dependent and we'd rather you didn't have the disappointment of a wasted journey.

If you are too far away from us, you can find other regional groups by visiting the British Balloon and Airship Club website at

New members are very welcome! - Please click here 

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