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  • Always wear a strong pair of gloves, leather gloves are recommended

  • Long sleeved tops and trousers should be worn.  Clothing should not be made of synthetic fabrics that could melt onto the skin in cases of fire emergencies

  • Stout shoes or boots are recommended

  • Loose clothing and long hair should be fastened so there is no danger of catching in equipment

  • No smoking during preparation, inflation, flight and packing away

  • Never allow yourself to be lifted off the ground, even if this means that the balloon equipment is damaged, or the balloon leaves the ground

  • Never wrap ropes attached to the balloon around your body or limbs in such a way that you cannot let go immediately

  • If at any time in doubt, as the Pilot for advice.  If you see anything which you feel may be important, tell the Pilot.  If the Pilot cannot hear you, wave your arms


  • At all times during the preparation for flight, during the flight, and post flight operations of a balloon, the Pilot, known as P1 (Pilot in Command) has the responsibility for the safety of the crew, passengers, onlookers and equipment

  • The Crew is responsible to the Pilot, and will carry out tasks allocated by the Pilot or the Crew Chief, to assist in the safe preparation of the balloon for flight

  • Once the balloon has taken off, the Crew Chief designated for that flight assumes responsibility for the safety of the ground crew engaged on the retrieve

Safety and Responsibility
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